Wednesday, August 23, 2006

shibuya and movies

i woke up at 7:20 o'clock, had a breakfast, watched TV and went to Shibuya to take a lesson of English language school this morning.

After that, i hanged around there. well, i went to department stores. i like going to especially cosmetics section and checking them. i love that.

but, i have nothing special to do there so i went home and then, i saw two movies.

one is "the perfect score", whhich is a comedy of youth. i enjoyed that and i think its just fun. the story is about the high school students forced to get a high score at SAT for each reasons. then, they try to cheat on the test by taking every possible means. in that way, the story develops. if you see the last part, you feel happy, i guess.

second one is "boys dont cry". as constracted to the first one, this is a dark and deep human movie. in this movie, it is discribed that how the transsexual people are forced to face difficult situation. seeing this, i come to feel sooo sad and deadly...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


today, i have nothing to do and stay at home all day long.

so i made a dinner by myself this evening. this is a special thing for me, coz i rarely cook and my mother fixes a meal all the time.

today's dinner was a hamberger and vegitables with demiglace sauce, butter rice with chopped parsely and soymilk cake. it sounds difficult to make, doesnt it?

not really..it was so quick and easy. you know why? to be honest, they were almost off the peg. i just sizzled a hamberger, added the sauce for seasoning, put vegitables into the pan ....etc

but!! it was soooooo delicious. demiglace was so mild and went well with parseled rice. it was really fit for a king.

Next time i will make a wonderful meal for somebody from scrach not "ready-made". i will try**

Sunday, August 13, 2006

sunny sunshine

it gets too hot to die...today. actually, i got a tan and my skin obviously turned brown or black.
i am always stressed to carry around with my necesity, a black palasol, though.

how can i protect my skin from ultraviolet rays??any ideas?? putting on a sunscreen?? not going outside in the daytime?
but i did all i can do for avoiding aggravating my skin...

it sounds trivial annoyance, doesnt it? i know ..
now, the fight between Hizbala and Isreal has happened, and the terrorists had planned to bumb some American airlines from England. i m worrying about whether i will be in trouble when i go to the US.

Friday, August 11, 2006

million dollar baby

i finally saw this movie today. it was impressive, but the scene that Maggie is knocked out was so painful.i dont just wanna see people hit, punched and kicked, such as boxing, mercial arts...etc though i like seeing movies, watching TV, sport games or so.
i cannot understand th why people especially men are obsessed with seeing such a cruel fighting...looks sore isnt it??

sorry for going off the title...i gonna get back..

so i mean million dollar baby was good, actually it made me cry a lot. paticularlly, i like the last part that Franky(right??) unveils the meaning of "her ring name" to her dying. as some of you saw it, it means " my darling, my blood". thats the best part , i think.

also, hirally swank acts very well. did you see her muscles??she looks like a man, real fighter. thats why she got the prize at the Academy Award. now i understand....

as writing this blog...i'm getting sleppy. sorry i gonna have a sleep . good night*

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

mini-breaks and my grandma

it's been such a long time since i stop blogging here...but recently i decided to write a kinda diary everyday to improve my English and prepare for my ryugaku!! i'm not sure whether i can continue this, though.

i hope that the person who knows me does not see my blog any more coz my English is so terrible...


today, i came back from a jaunt**
i went to Nagano to visit and to say good-bye to my grandma...because i will study abroad from next month.
my grandma has lived alone in a big house since my grandpa was gone a couple years ago. she is very interesting and active. i like her very much, of course. for some reason, somehow, i can have a relaxed time with her. i can tell you sufficiently what she is like. how can i describe her....maybe i can say that she has a "kawaii" personality. for example.....

about one decade ago, she went to Guam with my aunt, who is her daughter. then she bought a lot of sovenirs for me and talked about how beautiful the sea in Guam was. in Guam, she simply saw coral reef and fish on sea all day long.
but in doing so, unfortunately, she got a tan heavily and came to be a "mummy"after returning to Japan. have you ever met before, the people who was rolled with white bandage because of seeing sea??

likewise, this time, my grandma was "kawaii".

i told her that i would go to Chicago for one year. then, she said "hooo!!Chicago... really... ??"

a few minites later,

i said " i have to study English a lot before going to Chicago"

grandma " Hoooooo!! you go abroad???Chicago!!"

i do not remmeber how many times we have this kinds of conversation....

but to me, ways she speaks or behaves look like a cute child.

i wanna be "kawaii obaachan" ****

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Diversity in Major League Baseball

Yesterday, I read the article about baseball teams in the U.S. appeared in the evening edition of the Yomiuri Times. According to the article, Los AngelsDodgers is becoming multinational, getting many players from Latin America. But, it seems to be difficult to bring together all different kinds of members. As a matter of fact, it says that the constant fights and struggles happen among them every season. One of the causes is the difference of languages; English and Spanish.
In Calfornia, the argument about official language is controversial. Now, there are many Hispanics and their enormous community, and they do not need to learn and speak English. However, the law that regards the official language as English is passed out of concerns about declinig togetherness in 27 states in the U.S. On the other hand, in Arizona, the state law that punishes the violating officials is judged as unconstitutional.

Which society do they go to, the mosaic or melting-pot society?

I think that the language problem is troublesome because the language is the most basic tool to express ideas, exchange opinions,comunicate, and tie people and people ,and also reflects the culture, coustom, society...etc. That's why that conflicts occur.

Anyways, I was interested in this article because it shows that what is happening in their locker room is miniature version of globalization in the world.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


It has passed one month since French riots, and I just wonder it is not possible to get along with other people in one same society, so I research about how non-Japanese people feel about diversity.

I interviewed a man from America. There was something odd about him like saying that he came to Japan for the food, so the interview was interesting.
I asked him about his view of diversity mainly.

He answered :
Although it depends on the specific situation,diversity or globalization is good because of sharing things in a global level, but also bad because of detracting from cultures. Then, one of the good examples of diversity is N.Y., where is extremely diverse. Actually, the diversity makes the society more interesting, less boring and it's color and flavor. But, Japan is not difinitely a multicultural country. Because there is only one culture in Japan, and everyone is Japanese. True, there are a few foreiners, but the best majority of people is japanese and share the same culture. In addition, they can't speak English.

I guess that he experiences or feel diversity in his country more than normal Japanese at least. That's why , I felt the differences in terms of the view of diversity from me. For example, I think Japan is getting globalized and multiplied at some extent. On the other hand, he said " it difinitely not.". This is because he was brought up in a more multiple society. It's one of cultural differences. and he is something negative and realistic because he said that living together in peace is not possible when you have diversity. But I think that it is always a difficult problem even if we are in a perfect homogeneous society. In fact, I can not get along with some Japanese friends. That's natural. Moreover, the flow of people, money and goods can not be helped and stopped.
(In this interview, one thing that I am interested in is that he does not like his country, the U.S. because I think that most foreigners tend to love their country and be patriotic.)

Of course, it's so difficult to give an answer to and work out a solution to "diversity" or "globalization, only interviewing just one person. But I realized that the point of view to diversity is different and it depends on the environment, birth, religion, culture, position and so on. Anyways, this time, I could have a good and valuale experience, and it's helpful for my understanding to diversity a little bit.